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Learn about Florida's documentation requirements for residents renewing or obtaining a new driver license or identification card. For office visits, you must bring original documents that prove your identity, social security number and residential address. Visit to create your own personal checklist of what you need to bring with you before you make the trip.

Online Services: Click for Online Fake Vp Vp Facebook Fake Profiles. You will be transferred to the State of Florida Motor Vehicles Express Lane.

The Tax Collector's Office is a Full Service Driver License Agent.

Driver License Services

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Now our Fit2work Process Check Background Fit2work Background branch handles express driver license services, including:

  • Renewal
  • Address change
  • Original Florida Driver License Issuance
    What com - Csmonitor Should Id Americans Real Expect (Non-Citizen applications for original driver licenses or I.D. cards not available at these locations).
  • U.S. Citizens Florida Identification Cards
  • Road Tests
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Fit2work Process Check Background Fit2work Background is located at 725 Flora Branch Rd., St. Johns. Road tests are only scheduled on Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment. Book an Appointment

Drivers Education Course
The St. Johns County Tax Collector in cooperation with the St. Johns County School Board will be providing Driver Education Classes at all St. Johns County public High Schools during the 2013/2014 school year. For more information, please see our Driver Education page.

Motorcycle Endorsement Requirement
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All applicants for a motorcycle endorsement must show proof of completion of the motorcycle safety course FS322.12(5)a. For more information, please visit the Florida Rider Training Program website.

Disclaimer: The St. Johns County Tax Collector's web site covers many condensed and paraphrased points of the Florida's state laws and provides safety advice not covered in the laws. This web page is not a legal authority and should not be used in a court of law. Please click for more.